CBuild is a multiplatform build system written in (mostly) standard ANSI C, capable of building large and small projects with ease.



CBuild comes with a single source file cbuild.c and it's default script file default.cbd. The file cbuild.c is self-compiling under Linux, and theoretically should be under Windows with a BASH shell (such as MSys), using GCC. So issuing:
myshell $ ./cbuild.c
will get it started and read in the default.cbd file and do whatever it is instructed to do within that file.



The current release version of CBuild is only available in .tar.bz2 format.



To install CBuild, first extract it. It'll automatically extract itself into the cbuild/ directory, so you don't need to put it in its own folder first. Then use it as specified above. If you do not have a BASH-style shell or GCC, then simply compile cbuild.c into an executable using your preferred compiler.



CBuild development is currently on hiatus. Click here to access the Wiki page for up to date information, tutorials and resources.


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